Meet the Moby Dick Surfschool

from zero to surfer

Have you always wanted to be a surfer but you never really had the chance to learn how? What if we told that you could become an independent surfer in just a week? In our one-week intensive program you will breathe surf from the sunrise to sunset.

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Security is always first

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Fun is the name of the game

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Our Ritual

Careful Planning

Our lessons are tailored for the specific level of our students. Our goal is to smoothen the learning curve and for you to get the most of your time in the water.

Specialized Instructors

Most of our certified instructors have more than 10 years of experience. The high instructor to student ratio guarantees safety and a more personalized guidance.

Guaranteed Adventure

Good weather, amazing beaches and cool instructors are a killer combination. Add some waves to the mix and at the very least you have a wonderful time.

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Praia da Adrága

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São Pedro

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Extra Long Lessons

For Extra Learning

We are known to have the longest lessons because we don't want you to stop when you are still making tremendous progress.


Group Lessons

Gather your friends and start to learn how to surf. Share this wonderful experience with them.


Do you want to try something different? We also offer stand-up-paddle and/or bodyboarding lessons.


Learn to surf in a beautiful beach on your upcoming birthday party. We promise this will be a party to remember.

Get in the water, no excuses

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